TECH SUMMIT. The biggest tech dating in Slovakia introduces a new perspective of innovation.

Bratislava, 19th April 2016


Do you know why is it necessary to innovate and how the digital business affects the country’s economy? Instructions to your company of how not being left behind the innovation, will bring you the TECH SUMMIT.


Two days conference TECH SUMMIT will be hold from 11th to 12th May 2016 and will take place in Holiday Inn Bratislava, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic. It will include an exhibition focused on strategic technology in the digital economy.

“If the companies do not innovate, today could be already too late. Neighboring countries innovate, we live literally at the time of the innovation revolution “, said David Cajko, founder of TECH SUMMIT Bratislava. “TECH SUMMIT introduces innovation in all its complexity, not only technical innovation but also innovation in thinking, in approaching to collaboration or innovation of processes. The conference will bring answers to the questions such as how to resource the innovations, whether it is possible and how to be prepared for adaptation cycle that brings the enormous increase in technologies development, means innovative practices in education of ordinary people, businessmen, but also of the government, best practice of presentation of the implementation of new technologies in business processes”, added.

Broad specter of topics ensures that the conference will meet the interest not only of developers, researchers and technical staff but also of investors, owners and CEOs or politicians.

The main objective is to introduce new technologies in the entire width of the economy field, but also in “internet of things” which applications significantly lead towards an eventual transformation of the country’s economy. In any sector of the economy, whether it is an area of business, marketing, health, education or transport, new inspirations in technology are needed in finding solutions to unique situations and problems that innovators face on daily bases.

“Summit aims to clarify the innovation ecosystem in Slovakia, creates think thank platform in implementation of new technologies in industry, gradually contribute to build the world awareness of brand “Innovative Slovakia” and become the most important tech dating in Slovakia”, said Cajko.

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