Martin Čánik / riaditeľ divízie CEIT Consulting Bratislava

Innovation for Industry 4.0

Panel 1 – Innovative technology & business – B2B


CEIT (Central European Institute of Technology) provides the most advanced and innovative high-quality solutions for industry, health and services. Research and development of these solutions is flexibly connected with the practice.

The basis for the Institute CEIT was laid on the floor, University of Žilina, where before 2007 an intensive research and development for unique solutions in logistics and robotics. Ideas and research results have strong life potential. The favourable market situation allowed the subsequent commercial exploitation and intensive transfer of these unique solutions and ideas into practice. It was a major impetus for the creation of the Central European Institute of Technology CEIT as a spin-off of University of Žilina.

The company since its inception has grown dynamically and currently employs more than 250 professionals, who deal with the areas of technical and proce-dural innovations, industrial automation, design, materials and biomedical engineering, as well as health care and education. Particularly with regard to qualified human capital CEIT is able to provide its clients with a permanent source of business competitiveness.