Peter Bolebruch (SK)

Peter Bolebruch (SK)

Concept Architect - Teesys

He passed positions from the programmer, the analyst to the promoter of the dance events. It is the prototype of a future marketer that combines marketing, programming and data analytics. His signature is signed by OMS, Decodom, Cinemax, Protherm or Embraco.

Presentation: Touch with the company, or if you can help us UX tuning of  touchpoints.

Abstract:Intelligent industry already changing strategy and people management. Many such decisions, however, the industry lacks a design view on the issue. In Teesys we are looking for ways to be improved touchpoints improve services. In the future it will be very important in what quality digital services will be provided to the product to your clients. These touchpoints may be in the physical, but also in the digital world. Quality UX and choosing the right methodologies to be in the eyes of the client to move to a higher level of perception.

Softvérové riešenia pre Industry 4.0 a priemysel – časť 2

3. Elena Petrova/General manager, Chief Architect of theplatform Pharos Navigator/Digital transformation of big data streams from IoT for managing sustainability in enterprises and cities: How to make it happen?__ 4.Peter Bolebruch(SK)/ Concept Architect –Teesys/Dotyk s firmou, alebo ak námpomôže UX tuning touchpointov.__ 5. Funtík/ BIM

Industry 4.0 2nd Day