Vladimír Hrivnák (SK)

Vladimír Hrivnák (SK)

Vedúci vývojár ADROC Tech s.r.o.

Vladimír graduated from mechatronic and his obtained knowledge applied to the applications which are replacing the hard and dangerous work of people in the atomic and the oil industry.

He worked more than 8 years in the atomic industry, where he designed the electric and mechanic side of the remote control device for the Environment unsuitable for people.

Since the formation of ADROC Tech, he has been devoting mainly to the development and search of solutions for the cleaning of oil tanks without human input. These are explosion-hazardous environments (ATEX Zone 0), which are dangerous for people.

Presentation: Robotic cleaning of oil tank with explosion hazard – ESOT system


The human work is still used for the cleaning of the oil tanks all around the world. It is an environment of explosive atmospheres, highly carcinogenic, where a person can only be breathing apparatus and during manual labor is exposed to high risks of injury.

The replacement of this difficult and dangerous job has not been possible until today because there was no suitable machine-robot to work safely in an explosive environment (ATEX, Zone 0).

Our company, as the first in the EU, has developed and certified ESOT suitable for such an environment. The ESOT consists of an ADEX robotic trolley that works in the TVC tank and control cabin for convenient control of the robot located in the tank.



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