Wiktor Krzeszewski (PL)

Wiktor Krzeszewski (PL)

COO/Co-Founder @ TechOcean

Wiktor is Co-founder of TechOcean – a company focused on automation and robotics solutions. Currently, in TechOcean he is Chief Operations Officer responsible for project and product management. Wiktor has strong background in robotics, software development(embedded for military, navigation algorithms) and project management field. As a student Wiktor with Błażej Żyliński and Michał Kacperczyk managed to finish two projects of rovers for University Rover Challenge(ERIS Project).

Presentation: How to make industry 4.0 more accessible to people?


Many people can benefit from the progress of Industry 4.0, IIoT and IoT. In nowadays there are many systems with different possibilities to control, configure and monitor their devices. But what way should be chosen when approaching the design of new products? Basing on TechOcean experience I will show different examples of user interfaces and discuss how to make industry 4.0 more accessible to users.

Technical solutions of today and tomorrow

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Industry 4.0 2nd Day