Zuzana Nehajová (SK)

Zuzana Nehajová (SK)

Head of InnovEYtion Centre, Ernst&Young, Praha

Zuzana Nehajová has joined the ranks of EY and now leads the newly formed InnovEYtion Center, which is dedicated to helping companies and the public administration to adopt new technologies and trends, optimize processes and make greater resource efficiencies. In her previous role as director general at the Ministry of Economy, Zuzana established the concept of smart industry in Slovakia, promoting public-private partnerships and close collaboration between all relevant stakeholders. She co-authored the Smart Industry Strategy for Slovakia.

Presentation: Building up Digital Innovation Hubs to boost the digital innovation in the region


Disruption is fundamentally changing the way the world works. Today’s businesses, government and individuals are responding to shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago. Artificial intelligence and robotics are reinventing the workforce. Drones and driverless cars are transforming supply chains and logistics. And changing preferences and expectations — most notably in the millennial generation — are altering consumption patterns and demand for everything from cars to real estate.


Responding to disruption has become a central issue for incumbent organizations everywhere. Disruption has commonly come to mean a transformation of business models and value networks driven by technology or business innovation. However, it does not stem solely from technology or business innovations — it is also influenced by demographic shifts, globalization, macroeconomic trends and more.


According to the European Commission, around 60% of large companies and more than 90% of SMEs in the EU have a perception to lag behind in digital innovation. Companies should start adopting their product portfolio, build robust and responsive ecosystems and drive collaboration in previously unexpected places to meet the evolving demands of customers. Organisations cannot afford to fall back on old solutions. Embracing creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity and inclusivity will enable businesses to challenge the prevailing paradigm and create new business models. New business models require a new skillset of future workforce.


Therefore we believe you must ask a better question: how can you reap the benefits of new technologies and trends?

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Chair: Vladimír Bilčík, Head of EU program SPFA 09:00-09:20 – Opening of the event Rastislav Chovanec, State Secretary of the Ministries of the Economy 09:20 – 09:40 – Forward of the Representants of the sub-conferences Robert Redhammer, Ph.D., Rector STU BA, SK Zuzana Nehajová – InnovEYtion Centre Leader at EY, ČR Mr. Rami Efrati, former Head of Industry Sector […]

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