Kristina Pomothyova (SK)

Kristina Pomothyova (SK)

konzultantka stratégie pracoviska a skúsenosti používateľov

Kristina Pomothy is a consultant in workplace strategy and user experience. She previously worked in organizational development and management consulting and she co-organized Slovakia’s largest startup event, Startup Awards.SK. After concluding her research of collaborative space in the UK and Israel, Kristina was hired to build Origameo by HB Reavis. She currently works with real estate developers, innovative ecosystems, startups and corporates on developing work environments of the future.

Presentation: Offices of Future: productive and healthy jobs


The office of the future: We spend most of our time at work yet we still underestimate the impact of this environment. A healthy and efficient office does not only increase employee engagement, attract talent and save enormous costs. How do we create room for more innovation and productivity exactly where we want it? Will smart layout and innovative office solutions save the day or do we need more to adjust to the shifting world of work?