Ladislav Hudec (SK)

Ladislav Hudec (SK)

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and former Director in charge of the Institute of Applied Informatics, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology, Slovak Technical University

Ladislav HUDEC (doc., Ing., CSc.), currently Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Deputy Director of the Institute of Computer Engineering and Applied Informatics, and former Director in charge of the Institute of Applied Informatics, and Director in charge of the Institute of Computer Systems and Networks, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology, Slovak Technical University. He is author or co-author over 60 scientific papers published in journals and proceedings of the conferences and over 80 technical papers in the field of fault tolerant computing, embedded systems, parallel computing and computer security. He led over 90 research grants and industrial projects. He reads lectures on Principles of Information Security, Computer Security and Security in Internet. Recently Dr. Hudec was member of Steering committee of national project funded by the EU on the Slovak Infrastructure for High Performance Computing. Dr. Hudec is member and Vice-President of the Slovak Association for Information Security (SASIB), member of the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the Heraldic club of Slovakia. During 1993-2010 he served as Slovak national coordinator at the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).

Presentation: Security of Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potentialities for developing new intelligent applications in nearly every field. This is mainly due to its double ability to perform situated sensing (allowing for instance to collect information about natural phenomena, medical parameters, or user habits), and to offer them tailored services. Irrespective of the application field, such applications aim at enhancing the quality of every-day life, and will have a profound impact on the economy and society. They will also cover different aspects: personal, social, societal, medical, environmental, logistics to cite a few.

Since business processes are concerned, a high degree of reliability is needed. In the literature, the following security and privacy requirements are described:

  • Resilience to attacks: The system has to avoid single points of failure and should adjust itself to node failures.
  • Data authentication: As a principle, retrieved address and object information must be authenticated.
  • Access control: Information providers must be able to implement access control on the data provided.
  • Client privacy: Measures need to be taken that only the information provider is able to infer from observing the use of the lookup system related to a specific customer; at least, inference should be very hard to conduct.

Bezpečnosť IoT

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