Marek Ostafil (PL)

Marek Ostafil (PL)

Cyberus Labs

COO and Co-Founder of Cyberus Labs. I have 20 years of experience in managing international teams and projects. I have gained experience in Digital Sound Processing since ’90 at the Eloctroacoustic Music Studio of the Music Academy in Kraków, Poland. I was a manager and co-organizer of many international projects in Europe that combined sound and new technologies. I worked also as an Associate Producer for Discovery Channel and RAI. Guest lecturer at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow Poland) and guest speaker on management and fundraising. I have a Masters Degree in History of Art from the Jagiellonian University and a recipient of a scholarship from the International Center for Culture and Management (Salzburg, Austria).

Presentation: A trully secure world


Lecture presents the problem of the weakest link in cybersecurity for banks, e-commerce ,fintech, IoT – a password, and the solution offered by Cyberus Labs: a revolutionary user authentication platform – CYBERUS KEY.

Aktuálne trendy v kybernetickom priestore

Prepojenie sveta technológií, biznisu a ekonomiky je dôvodom pre zvýšenú mieru zabezpečenia a obrany proti kybernetickým hrozbám. Peter Katrinec/obchodný zástupca ESET/Threat Intelligence – protection against threats thanks to information from outside__ Marek Ostafil/Cyberus Labs/A trully secure world__ Pavol Lupták/Nethemba/Ako štáty tlačia na zvyšovanie bezpečnosti kryptomarketov__ Rami Efrati

Cyber Security B2B 2nd Day