Slavomír Hruška (SK)

Slavomír Hruška (SK)

CEO Localization Guru

Slavomir Hruska is an entrepreneur and Managing Director of an innovative translation and localization company called Localization guru. He is interested in new technologies, evolving markets and business development with a focus on thinking outside of the box. He is always happy to grab lunch, dinner or a nice glass of whiskey and meet new people to talk about new opportunities or just have a good time.

Prezentácia: „From a translation startup into the adult industry“


Entrepreneurship is not about the end goal but the journey. Most businesses fail because people fail to listen to their customers and fail to adapt to the market needs. In my 20 minutes, I will talk about our story. How we started with what we thought were “A great idea”, raised and investment, and how our journey took us from almost going bankrupt to one of the largest providers of translation services for the adult industry.


„Chcem rásť, chcem expandovat – Čo ďalej?“

Úloha médií pri budovaní startup ekosystému: Tomáš Prokopčák/ Michal Novota/týždeň Martin Šandor/ Metodiky rastu a exportu: Rainer Hasenauer (AT)/Vienna University of Economics and Business/ Market Entry: How to align forces of market readiness and technology readiness impacting the innovative startups? Matej Šucha/Managing partner Mindworx/ Prípadové štúdie: Slavomír Hruška/ hub Lukáš Harvánek (CZ) /Growjob/Design inovačnej kultúry:ako vytvárať […]

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