Ziemowit Jóźwik (PL)

Ziemowit Jóźwik (PL)

Project coordinator at the Kościuszko Institute

CYBERSEC HUB partnerships coordinator and project coordinator at the Kosciuszko Institute. Fields of expertise: EU cybersecurity policy and legislation. Graduate of law and the Ukrainian studies at the Jagiellonian University.

Prezentácia: Implementation of CBMs on cybersecurity in the Central Europe (V4) region

AnotáciaOSCE’s Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) are one of the regulatory tools that aims at reducing the risks of conflict stemming from the use of the ICTs. Following OSCE Permanent Council’s decision from December 2013, states are in the process of implementation of the first set of standards that shall contribute to enhancing interstate cooperation, transparency, predictability and stability and reducing the risks of misperception, escalation and conflict in the cyberspace. What is the progress achieved by the states of the Central Europe (including V4)? What are the crucial challenges of the future? Are such multilateral CBMs effective given the general geopolitical tensions and the growing trend of bilateralism in regulating international relations in the cyberspace?

Bottom-up iniciatívy rozvoja startup ekosystému na Slovensku a v zahraničí

Martin Čapliar/CESC__ Zástupca Eastcubator__ Rober Siudak/CYBERSEC Hub project manager/Regional cyber security hubs on the example of CYBERSEC HUB__ Ziemowit Jóźwik/ CYBERSEC Hub/Bottom-up track for cybersecurity innovation – the role of startups in national cybersecurity strategies

Startup Stage 1st Day