Jozef Petráš (SK)

Project Manager, E-Taxi

Jozef Petras is fulfilling his goals as freelancer – expert consultant and motivational speaker in the field of public sector and area of open and effective governance and communication, transparency promotion and fight against corruption, and also as an advisor in political marketing. Lately Associate of Transparency International Slovakia, cooperating with International Anti-Corruption Academy as a lecturer. Since 2012 a member of the Group of Experts establishes by the United Nations in the field of Anti-corruption Measures in Public Administration. Sharing his experience with international organizations such as UNDP, OSCE, Committee of the Regions EU, CIVEX, Transparency International, Toward Transparency Vietnam, IRI, OSCAC. Member of a team recognized by the UN in the form of 2011 United Nations Public Sector Award for first place in category Preventing and combating corruption in public service and also by EU in the form of Best Practice Certificate in Category Opening Up the Public Sector Through Collaborative Governance. Lately author of the projects “Election open”, “Message for Mayor” and “Transparent party”. He is members of the auditing teams in field of transparency and anticorruption measures in Slovak municipalities, but also abroad. One of the last “cases” is the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. His progressive experience and professional approach have gained recognition in a number of countries on almost all continents. Lately also involved in projects promoting and developing intermodal eco-friendly transportation and e-mobility as a goal in European projects East E and Urban-E.