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Techsummit conference is an open platform, which is focusing on the presentation of an actual trends and information from the innovation area of IT with emphasis to the dynamics of large and small business environments, improvement of the public environment and international know-how exchange.

Techsummit helps its participants to understand how the new technologies work from the view of the business, legislation and user options in the ongoing development of the rapidly changing world.

Grand Hotel River Park
Bratislava, Slovakia

Wednesday to Thursday
May 29 to 30, 2019

Two conference days



The first day will be dedicated to the global leaders in the Digital Transformation. The EU is pushing ahead Digital Transformation trying to catch up with big players such as the US and China.



The second day of the conference will be focused on more detailed regional perspective of the topics: Smart City, Industry 4.0
and Artificial Intelligence.

TOP moments from Techsummit 2018

Let’s remember the unique atmosphere of our conference – Techsummit 2018! All important moments are captured in this video.

Conference Schedule

The conference program will be updated soon. For more information, you can download the agenda for a detailed program.

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Digital Societies: Cybersecurity, business and cooperation

The EU is pushing ahead Digital Transformation trying to catch up with big players such as the US and China. Challenges ahead include completion of the EU digital single market, the role of cybersecurity in geo-politics and the importance of investments and new partnerships in current volatile global dynamics. Is the EU going in the right direction? Is cybersecurity helping or limiting business & cooperation beyond Europe? The High-Level Debate will address these issues offering international perspectives from the institutional, corporate and investment sectors.


Coffee break & B2B meetings


Smart-cities under attack? Which way for cybersecurity in digital societies?

Is the digital transition beyond smart-cities opening the gate to a new level of cyber-attacks? Safety, security and privacy represent some of key challenges and vulnerabilities for cybersecurity. This is especially relevant when smart-cities deal with big data, 5G and IoT. Are logistics, public transport, energy and water supplies and health-related services at risk? Which solutions and knowledge are required by administrators, businesses and communities? Can Smart-cities prevent cyber-attacks, while protecting and respecting citizens rights? Which partnerships and cooperation models are needed?




Industry 4.0.: Managing the risks, leading the transition

Industries are at the forefront of digital transformation with huge capital and technological investments. However, relying more and more on digital processes and automation makes industries vulnerable to cyber attacks on a scale unseen before. Industry 4.0. will also change the cybersecurity landscapes, but how? What are the main risks industries face today and how do they address future threats in terms of products, processes and people?


AI reshaping our societies: Are new professions needed for cybersecurity?

New services and digital solutions promise to help societies to boost their economy, make life easier and safer to citizens and offer a more effective and responding public administration. AI is a primary force in these processes, cybersecurity too but they both carry also higher complexities including the need for new knowledge and skilled professional. What are the new professions on the horizon? Will we need them to manage business, education, health, justice and participative processes?


Coffee break & B2B meetings


Daring to innovate: Start-ups and SMEs advancing Cyber-security and Industry 4.0

Cyber-security technology is evolving so rapidly that often large organisations are not able to move swiftly enough to adapt and follow the changes brought by disruptive innovation. This is where startups and small businesses offer the agility and adaptability to provide the cutting-edge solutions required to stay competitive. One side of the story is that innovators, social hackers and start-ups are the ones pushing innovation in industry 4.0. and cyber-security solutions to new frontiers, the other one is that SMEs make up 99.8% of European enterprises but they are unprepared for cyber-attacks...


The stream program will be updated soon.


The technologies and digitalization of the city and regional governance| IoT solutions | Safe 5G IoT for smart city| Cities development by public-private partnerships | Technological management of transport | European Union and autonomous riding | Electromobility | Alternative transport solutions | Smart public lighting | Smart waste management | Energy efficient, sustainable and responsible cities | Concepts, associations, clubs for smart cities | Open data | Grants and European Union support

The stream program will be updated soon.


Transforming Education for the Future: Industry 4.0 | From Industry 4.0 to Education 4.0 and Engineers 4.0 | Critical Infrastructure for Industry Development 4.0 – cloud, big data, 5G | Financing for Design, Development, and Innovation towards Industry 4.0

The stream program will be updated soon.


Ethics of AI: With great power comes great responsibility |Trends in the AI: Application and best practices | Artificial Intelligence: Benefits & Risks | Government Support, Investments and Legislative | Aritificial Intelligence case-studies / presentations of solutions

Grand Hotel River Park


Awarded the best hotel in Slovakia by Trend Top numerous times, Grand Hotel River Park, A Luxury Collection Hotel Bratislava offers not only comfort but also top service. It includes River Bank Restaurant which combines Old Pressburg cuisine with a modern French touch and takes inspiration from the era of Maria Theresa and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. The wellness centre ZION SPA LUXURY (1500 m2) is situated on the top floor with a pool, saunas, Jacuzzi, relaxing rooms and massage rooms.

Past Techsummit Conferences

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Techsummit 2016

When: May 11 to 12, 2016

Where: Hotel Holiday Inn Bratislava

„This way, I would like to thank you for organizing Techsummit and inviting our company. It’s great that you’ve been able to attract so many interesting companies and speakers. We keep our fingers crossed in the next years.“ Ján

Techsummit 2017

When: May 10 to 11, 2017

Where: Hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava

„First of all, I would like to thank you and your entire team, on behalf of our head of EC Representation in the SR Dušan Chrenek, for the excellent organization of the successful Techsummit 2017 event.“ Katarína

Techsummit 2018

When: June 6 to 7, 2018

Where: Hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava

„I am very pleased to be able to attend your Techsummit 2018 conference, which had many interesting topics, and it has sometimes been difficult to choose between streams where the program was running.“ Jozef

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