AI reshaping our societies: Are new professions needed for cybersecurity?

May 29, 2019



60 min

New services and digital solutions promise to help societies to boost their economy, make life easier and safer to citizens and offer a more effective and responding public administration. AI is a primary force in these processes, cybersecurity too but they both carry also higher complexities including the need for new knowledge and skilled professional. What are the new professions on the horizon? Will we need them to manage business, education, health, justice and participative

  • MODERATOR: Tomas Matraia (IT)


    The AdWisers

  • Gusztáv Szuhai (HU)

    Security Business Unit CZ, SK, HU


  • Radoslav Danilák (SK)

    VIDEO CALL Founder & CEO, Tachyum

  • Marián Klačo (SK)

    Chief Information Security Officer

    Volkswagen Slovakia

  • Vojtěch Chloupek (CZ)

    Partner, Bird & Bird | Leader of Tech & Comms Group for CZ and SK

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