May 30, 2019



60 min

The Future of Machine Learning application means deploying machine-learning systems in transformation of wide range of business sectors increasing their efficiency and success. Keeping pace in the development of ML is crucial for future economic transformation. What can we expect from the shift of competitiveness among those who effectively adopt ML into their business systems? But also, what problems do experts face in this process? What are reasons for inaccurate ML modeling process? What is a role and a potential of Slovakia in the field of AI?

  • MODERATOR: Peter Wallin (UK)

    Trainer, Motivator and Speaker

  • Wiliam Carbone (IT)

    Cognitive Solutions & Watson Leader


  • Ivan Štefanec (SK)

    VIDEO CALL Member of the European parliament

  • Petr Plodik (CZ)

    Sales Director

    M Computers

  • Slavko Fulek (SK)

    Center Manager

    Cloud - IT

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