Creation of ecosystem in automotive Industry 4.0

May 30, 2019



30 min

Creation of ecosystem within industries is nowadays the most needed issue for Industry 4.0. Creation and adaptability of Supply chain is the most discussed topic, because the acceptability of digital Industry 4.0 is essential for effective operations. It is critical that companies have to start to develop their vision, strategies and action plans. The companies, which deal with this digital connectivity will create competitive advantage. This advantage will manifest itself in terms of advanced capabilities for your customers, improved operating performance and productivity, better financial results, and the platform for future, unprecedented growth. Each manufacturing mechanism is a part of larger unit and fits synergistically between the individual blocks of the corporate ecosystem. If one mechanism component falls out, the sequence of operations is disrupted. How to create fruitful ecosystem for automotive industry 4.0? Are the Slovak conditions suitable for ecosystems? Is the Slovak market prepared to create a prosperous Supply Chain also for foreign companies? What are the weak parts of the whole ecosystem? How to effectively work and advance the ecosystem?

  • MODERATOR: Marek Mašura (SK)



  • Michal Gigač (SK)

    Industrial Performance and Innovation Project Manager

    PSA Group

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