Daring to innovate: Start-ups and SMEs advancing Cyber-security and Industry 4.0

May 29, 2019



90 min

Cyber-security technology is evolving so rapidly that often large organisations are not able to move swiftly enough to adapt
and follow the changes brought by disruptive innovation. This is where startups and small businesses offer the agility and
adaptability to provide the cutting-edge solutions required to stay competitive. One side of the story is that innovators,
social hackers and start-ups are the ones pushing innovation in industry 4.0. and cyber-security solutions to new frontiers,
the other one is that SMEs make up 99.8% of European enterprises but they are unprepared for cyber-attacks. In this
jeopardised context, market opportunities are present within the SMEs own environment but they can also play the vital
ally large enterprises and governments need. The round-table will look at how Start-ups and SMEs are advancing Cyber-security
and Industry 4.0., which trends, solutions and visions they offer to our societies and how their potential can be
unlocked and contribute to performing and secure digital ecosystems.

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