Ethics of AI: With great power comes great responsibility

May 30, 2019



60 min

As AI is becoming more pervasive in our life, its impact on society is more significant and issues are raised regarding aspects such as value alignment, data handling and bias, regulations, and workforce displacement. Only a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder effort can find the best ways to address these concerns, including experts of various disciplines, such as ethics, philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, law, history and politics. In order to address this issue in a social context, we have joined forces to kick off this topic.

  • Justin Lane (SK)

    Chief Technology Officer

    Prospectus Research

  • John Boyd (UK)


    The Daily Slovak News

  • Slavka Džambová (SK)


    Lady Up

  • Marek Havrda (SK)

    AI Policy & Social Impact Director


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