May 30, 2019



60 min

A Driving Licence for Intelligent Systems? This will become reality sooner than we expect. Slovak officials already issued some legal regulations in the field of AI. How helpful or limiting are they? The state and the private sector future relationship needs to be one of true partnership. How public investments are seen in the field of AI development? Should we expect a basic universal income with the advent of robotics?

  • MODERATOR: Peter Wallin (UK)

    Trainer, Motivator and Speaker

  • Michal Číž (SK)

    Department of International Cooperation and Digital Single Market

    Deputy Prime Minister's Office for Investments and Informatization

  • Lívia Vašáková (SK)

    Head of Economic Analyses Section

    European Commision

  • Emil Fitoš (SK)


    IT Association of Slovakia

  • Jakub Berthoty (SK)

    Privacy & Technology Lawyer

    Dagital Legal

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