May 30, 2019



50 min

Smart city is not new topic. What did we achieve in last years?  What did we find out? What are the current Slovak experiences? How are these experiences shared? How big is a political impact on SC? (We can see failure of SC concepts in some cities like Poprad or Brno after political change) What is a meaning of leadership for smart cities? Is Smart City more than some marketing label?

  • MODERATOR: Milan Husár (SK)

    Researcher at Spectra Centre of Excellence of the EU

    Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

  • Erika Horanská (SK)

    Head of Urban Development Unit

    Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak republic

  • Ján Ferenčák (SK)


    City of Kežmarok

  • Igor Wzoš (SK)

    Chairman of the Board

    Slovak Smart City Cluster

  • Martin Noskovič (SK)

    Chairman of the Management Board

    Chcem Smart Mesto

  • Patrik Žák (SK)

    Deputy Mayor

    City of Trenčín

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