Peter Šimún (SK)

CEO, Co-Founder, YesElf & Seges

CEO – long-term experience with product and company management. A visionary and open approach based on innovation. Peter graduated on Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratislava where he met with Ladislav and both started a company right after the studies. The company was awarded by many innovation awards and became very profitable right after the first-year company was found, due to the excellent combination of Peter`s manager’s skill and Ladislav`s technical excellence. Peter has a strong technology background and he can perfectly combine it with a business point of view it precisely fits into technology-based startups/project. He is very customer oriented and always tries to fulfill customer needs which leads to satisfied customers in the end. His strong focus is to define and validate the business model, sales and marketing where he has long term experience from multiple projects.