Zsolt Szalay (HU)

Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Automotive engineer and reputable expert in advanced automotive technologies like connected and highly automated vehicles, IoT telematics and security of vehicle Cyber-Physical Systems. Leading the RECAR program (REsearch Center for Autonomous Road vehicles), his main fields of research interest are the testing and validation processes of CAV technologies and automotive cybersecurity. Working on solid grounds of extensive automotive industrial experience and international network connections, as well as of a strong academic and a convincing business background. Motivated by value creation, he is a strategic thinker and recognised advisor also working as Head of Research&Innovation for ZalaZONE, the new Hungarian Automotive Proving Ground, focusing on the testing and validation of connected, automated and electrified vehicles. Represents Hungary in the EU GEAR2030 and STRIA initiatives for connected and automated vehicle technology deployment.